Saturday, July 07, 2012
Long time no blog
I've thought about blogging a lot. But do I report everything that has happened in the last fifteen months? Bleh. So here are some highlights. First, the crafty stuff:

Not a lot to see, but I did finish a few long term knits and one small stitching project.

Phairo scarf
Phiaro Scarf
Sweet thing shawl
Sweet Thing Shawl

Madonna and Child, by Marilyn Levitt-Imblum.

In a word, my life has been about "change".

In May, I adopted these crazy cats. I was actively looking for two black kittens again, but these two kept ending up on my computer screen. They have been a great addition, displaying loads of personality.

Now, they are more cat-like and less kitten, but are still personality plus and don't know a stranger.

In July, I traveled to Sock Summit and had a blast! I took two classes each with Judith MacKenzie and Fiona Ellis. And the stashing? Oh the stashing was monumental - no pics because the credit card bills are witness enough. Besides all the walking in Portland, my other struggle was deciding on whether or not to change jobs. Bureacracy aside, I enjoyed my job and, more importantly, the people I worked with. But opportunities knocked and I decided to take a leap of faith.

July through September found me transitioning to the new job and because I can't have one major change at a time, I bought new flooring, picked out new paint colors, hired a painter, and basically emptied my house. But it was worth it.


The decluttering continues to progress, sometimes it feels like it will never end. I am hoping that some friends and I will do a destash sale this summer, but it is already so hot outside!! October through February had me with major job deadlines and some crazy health issues. Thankfully my health issues resolved without any permanent damage, though I need to get back on that "eat right, workout" path again. March was a life changer. For much of the 12 months before, I had been working towards being licensed as a foster parent. I had one short term placement and then came the little man that is hanging out with me and the cats now.

I have had a crash course (and initiation) into parenthood and it has been a rollercoaster of giggles, squeals, projectile spit up, and illness. But I have enjoyed it thoroughly. Well, not so much the spit up and the illness part.

One last parting pic of Mr Purrsonality after he burrowed under the laptop.



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