Monday, November 12, 2012
Long time

Sheesh, how is it already November???

I made another job change in August. Hopefully it will better fit this single parent life that I am leading. Truthfully "lottery winner" would suit it best, munchkin has been suffering from several ear infections so my sleep schedule is less than optimal.

And yes, munchkin is still with us and continues to fit right in. The cat that I thought would be the bigger problem child has seemed to accept him into the fold.....


Or has just decided that he is going to get his attention despite the baby.


There has been some knitting. Not much to show at the moment, but I think my sock yarn blankie has hit it's final width - a little wider than a twin bed. I'm fighting a fiber-loving cat at the moment so the picture doesn't do it justice.

Sock yarn blankie

Cat being a cat

More to share soon!


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