Sunday, September 21, 2008
Taking the weekend off
This weekend flew by, as most weekends do. I played hooky and spent a fair amount of the weekend with friends, knitting at the shop, a tapestry weaving get together, a leisurely breakfast, and seeing Mamma Mia!. Everything was so much fun!

I also had a lesson with this crazy tool:


I suspect this will be a shortlived hobby, it really hasn't clicked with me. But we shall see!

I also started a new project (surprise!). This will be a scribble lace scarf class for the shop in November. It uses an incredibly soft merino from Handmaiden and the oh-so-addictive kidsilk haze.

more lace

And now I am winding down the weekend with a demanding cat or two!

grumpy kitty
You've ignored me all weekend, but now you will deal with me!

Friday, September 05, 2008
Here I go with lists again
I can't believe it is September already! Where did the year go?

Right now, I have home projects on the brain. I have several interior and exterior projects in the works that I am slowly working through this year:

  • the overall pare down and reorganize my stuff project (taking forever!!)
  • weatherproof deck (done!)
  • repair/paint deck table and chairs (done!)
  • deck furniture cleaning and rearranging (almost done!)
  • get wood rot repaired (mostly done - though not exactly what I expected)
  • river rock for the side yard path (in the pricing stage)
  • finish the backyard beds (on hold until I can get the mulch!)
  • clean out the garage (another forever project!)
  • culvert repair (on indefinate hold)
  • replace carpet (on hold until the house pare down is finished)
  • paint interior (ditto)
  • send more furniture for refinishing (ditto, will be done when I am replacing flooring)

  • The wood rot repair is a creative approach, so I am hopeful that it will appeal to me tomorrow when I am not so tired. I did not leave out the paint for him so I am hoping this doesn't mean I have to do some painting!!!!

    I am also toying with screening in my side porch and waiting for an estimate from the same person that did the wood rot repair. The porch is not big about eleven feet long by five feet wide (note to self: remeasure this space!), but it should be enough to hold a couple of chairs and screen me and friend or two from the bugs. Plus the monster kitties can also enjoy the fresh air.

    So what am I doing this weekend? Half my weekend will be a Shell-maintenance weekend, the other half shall be a house-maintenance weekend. Aside from the boring laundry, dishes, and general preparation for the next work week stuff, I hope to do the following:

  • clean the last of the deck furniture
  • sweep off and then measure the side porch
  • price river rock and stepping stones (maybe even buy some!)
  • do some sorting of the stuff
  • clear out some more of the garage

  • Obviously, spinning, stitching, and/or knitting are on the menu as well. But assuming no one signs up for my knitting class on Sunday (which is vacant so far), this should be fairly doable. Wish me luck!