Monday, June 08, 2009
Progress Update
With all the projects I have going on, its hard to see actual progress.
But here is what has been following me around over the past week.

Horseshoe Lace Dishcloth - class project

Horseshoe Lace - 6/7/09

Sock Yarn Blankie

Blankie - 6/7/09

Leaf Lace Shawl

Leaf Lace Shawl - 6/7/09

Sunday, June 07, 2009
Sunday spinning practice
Spinning class was a lot of fun. I learn to card with hand carders (which I still stink at), learned spinning from the fold, and how to navajo ply (sorta). So, on a work-break this afternoon, I took the matchless out and practiced navajo plying with a wool/alpaca mix. Once I finished that, I started plying the fleece artist merino silk that I have had on the bobbins for a while.
All of this was not without some company.

PlyingsupervisorIMG_0848Plying Assistant

A true cat - she isn't a lap cat, unless my lap is busy!

Thursday, June 04, 2009
Thursday again?
Wow, the week has really flown by! I wish I could promise to blog more, but it ain't happening.

It has been a great week, bu not without challenges. I finally managed to schedule in a massage today after work, so I am sitting here in my pjs, belly full from the chicken n dumplins, avoiding the work I need to be doing, and enjoying the scent of the gardenia that my massage therapist shared with me.

Last weekend was wonderful, I took my first "real" spinning class. I hoped that it would satisfy my wish to go to SOAR (it didn't) as well as help me improve my spinning by re-enforcing good habits and discouraging bad habits. I did learn a couple of things and I had a lot of fun. The second class is on Saturday so hopefully, I will write more about this weekend.

Sunday, I took at class on making a sock yarn blanket, similar to Shelly Kang's. Here are my squares so far:

Sock Yarn Blankie - 6/3/09

If you couldn't guess, it is quite addicting.

Speaking of addicting, my fledgling sock knitter status had me hunting down my first sock, in Brown Sheep Wildfoot yarn in Symphony. I finished it!

Basic Socks - 6/1/09

So I still have to do the other one, but if I finish my first pair second, is it really my second pair? (ignore me, I'm in a goofy mood)

On top of my work deadlines just now starting to slow down, I got the phone call that a side job that I normally do every other year is ready to go. Which is later than normal and the deadline is likely moving up.(facepalm) I ended up taking off Tuesday to get organized and am crawling through the early stages of it. So, my time yet again will be limited.

That's it for now! I'm off to work on my leaf lace shawl before bed.