Monday, May 24, 2010
The light at the end of the tunnel?
Still buried with work. Still feeling overwhelmed and overloaded. But I've been stitching!!

EGA Silk Ribbon Pond

Silk Ribbon Pond - 5-16-10

I am officially "behind" on this group correspondence project with EGA. This project has several steps before actual stitching begins - stitching the silk to muslin (thanks mom!), fastening it to stretcher bars, and tracing the pattern onto tissue paper. I made significant progress at the last meet-up, basting the tracing paper to the silk and stitching the outlines of the pattern. Next steps is to remove the tissue from the silk and then I can begin stitching!!

Mirabilia - M

M progress 5-16-10

Sadly, the M has gotten put aside for the other projects. I still hope to finish this in the next month.

Mirabilia Cherub

Mirabilia Cherub 5-23-10

I found this little project while sorting through my stash. There are several in this series, but I'm not sure when I will get around to the other ones!

The LYS hosted a "yard sale" this past weekend, so when I haven't been juggling work assignments, I have been pulling out yarn from all corners of the house. I did a little bit of editing from the stash, most of which found new homes with other knitters. Sadly, there is still a bunch of stash at the house, so I guess I'd better get knitting!

It is hard to say that work is easing up when you work a 13 hour day, but I think this week will wrap up a lot of activities.

Well, the cats are demanding attention, so I will have to post more later!


Saturday, May 01, 2010
No crafting, just life
Another couple weeks of work craziness. A couple of big deadlines are this coming week, so I am expecting my desk to continue to look like this:

desk stillife 2

Albeit less blurry! By the time this was taken yesterday, I was really exhausted. I am really good about staying hydrated on these long days, but am bad about not taking a break from my desk.

I am going to be working a bunch this weekend, so luckily I can work from home so at least I will have clean clothes next week! Plus I need spend some quality time with this guy and his sister.

let me in!

We had a quick trip to the vet this morning and he was ready to be inside and have his tuna! I had been noticing a definite smell from his mouth the last couple of days, so this visit was to ease my peace of mind. The vet continues to be very pleased with the quality of life he continues to have. No fever, still maintaining his weight at 13 lbs, but the tumor interferes with his ability to clean food from that side of his mouth very well. The result is that food is getting trapped, which is not good. They cleaned it as best as they could with him being semi-conscious, gave him an antibiotic shot, and sent us home with some probiotics to help his immune system a little more.

Our next checkup with the oncologist is Friday, so hopefully she will have some suggestions. In the meantime, I am going to use/increase some of the herbal remedies I've been researching and see if that can assist some too.

I am slowly doing a second swatch of the cotton supreme for Que Sera. Trying to wrap my head around gauge. The loom is calling as well, but that will just have to wait for now.