Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Bad blogger, here's a cookie
A certain someone gave me a little email nudge that I hadn't posted in a while. It has been a while and a lot has happened.

The schacht wheel was the first one I put together at the shop. It took everything I had to not walk out with it that night, but it wasn't very long until I did. It spins like a dream and I really am excited to have it. The joy will still be my primary travel wheel, with the matchless only coming out on special occasions.

The job change has been keeping me busy. I am learning tons, but I'm climbing a steep learning curve and its been a while since I've had one this steep. Long hours are the norm as is lots of available food, which I am trying to combat with the trainer. I don't have much longer on the trainer, but I have this feeling I am going to have to keep seeing her at least once every other week or once a month, just to keep me going.

Goose update: the torrential rains we had recently appear to have washed away the nest. But this couple will not be deterred, they have set up a new nest in a different part of the yard. No clue how many eggs are in there, mama seems to be on the nest everytime I look out and I'm not interested in being challenged by dad.

The cats are saying its time for bed, so I'll close tonight's post with a random cat picture. There's spinning and knitting to report, hopefully over the weekend if not sooner!


It followed me home


I love it. Sorry for the bad pictures, but I have had some long days and keep forgetting to take pictures during the few days I am home when there is decent light! I have also agreed to do two classes at the LYS - one on spinning with a drop spindle and the other is learning to use your wheel.



Monday, March 03, 2008
Wishin' and Hopin'
(ok, I'm pushing it here).

My "big cat" would like you all to know that obviously he is wasting away and would gratefully accept any and all gift cans of tuna (dolphin safe albacore if you got it). At the last vet visit the vet told me (with a straight face no less!) that my 20 lb cat needed to have his food intake cut in half or he would be encountering health issues soon. That plan lasted less than a month, ending in a stare down that left me with the distinct impression that nothing else in the house would be safe (including the fish, and my sanity). So I caved. And just "forgot" to give him treats. Now he is acting like I haven't fed him and even went so far to pull the can out of the garbage to get any remnants.

It also appears that it is goose mating season again. And "my" pair from last year appear to be back and in nest making mode. (insert sigh here) I had meant to check the back yard this weekend to try to deter them, but I found out tonight that I was too late. Sorry for the blurry pic, but there is one egg in there.

Nest Watch 2008

The happy couple were out swimming on the lake and did not freak out at my checking out their nest (or my sneaker messing with the cover). While I'm not thrilled at my new "guard geese", I am hopeful that this egg (and any others) don't end up like their young from last year. Don't get me wrong, while I didn't know what I was in for by moving to a lake, I have accepted these crazy beasts and the "presents" they leave in my back yard and my driveway. And they are pretty to watch. But last year got a little out of hand because one of my neighbors decided to feed them. From his driveway. Up the street from me. So I had little "presents" from 2 dozen geese all over my driveway on a daily basis as they went up the road twice a day. Feedback from rescue groups and my personal pleas meant nothing (or me laying on the horn everytime I had to navigate around them). Miraculously, only one casualty that I am aware of, when the birdbrains decided to run down the road and take off to fly over the house. One miscalculated and hit the power line. Yep, he landed in my driveway.

Ok, enough commentary on geese.
I've got more stories and pictures than I will admit to! ;)

And that pretty much catches me up! Hopefully more posting tomorrow!

A Change Will Do You Good
(yep, adding some Sheryl Crow to the mix)

I said "change" was one of my keywords for 2008, and I wasn't kidding.....

Around the same time as spin in and the weaving workshop, I had accepted the fact that, at 94,000 miles, my beloved vehicle was going to begin to fade if I didn't give it a break undoubtably at a most inopportune time. Also at the forefront of my mind was that my back problems were not going to heal if I didn't make some kind of change. So, I bought a honda pilot. Having two vehicles isn't simplifying things, but it sure makes the pretty days worth it! I made a promise to reassess in 6 months and if the maintenance/insurance was truly not palatable to the budget, I would sell my lovely convertible.

I am not thrilled with the gas mileage, but overall, the new vehicle is great (except on a sunny day!). But my back is making progress. I also joined a gym last month; it would have really killed me to climb in and out of my very low vehicle. I am loving the gym though. It has been ages since I went to one and I am most definately out of shape. I hedged my bets and paid for a trainer for the first month - she is seriously kicking my butt. But I'm feeling better, so it is worth it.

I also had pretty much decided that I needed to make a job change. In a moment of sychronicity, I had received an email about a job posting (that would be with a former colleague). Decided it wasn't the job for me, but within a day of that, a former boss that works in my office came by to see if I wanted to come work for her. I said yes, provided I could continue to do some of the work that I was doing. Fast forward a week (aka last week) and I officially changed jobs. I am still learning what I am doing (with a very steep learning curve and a short time to do it in), but I definately won't be bored!

The local yarn shop is starting to get in schacht wheels and rigid heddle looms so I've been playing some at the shop to make room for them.I am also toying with teaching beginning spinning (both drop and wheel) at the shop. Still more planning to do on these things though.

And the cats have apparently joined in on the change bandwagon. No, they still sleep 23 hours a day, but they managed to lose 5 and 2 pounds respectively. And they like the couch, even with the lovely "cat hair catchers" I have installed.

It's been a while
(darn it, now I have that song by Staind running through my head!)

Lots to catch up on, so will be doing multiple posts, otherwise this will be just one really long ramble (too late!).

When I last blogged, "change" and "simplify" seemed to be the keywords for my world. And that are the theme words I am trying to keep close. Except when it comes to my creative pursuits it seems....

I basically went insane at spin in at the end of January and bought:

  • 3 spindles and a niddy noddy (pics later)
  • just under a pound each of cream, black, and fawn alpaca fleece.
    Alpaca Roving
  • Hand-dyed BFL, Merino/Tencel, cashmere/silk, and other yummy things.
    Additions to the Stash, Spin In 2008

Then I got a quilted hook holder and some yarns to do tapestry with - so useful since I have been also trying to learn tapestry weaving.
Door Prizes

Spin in was a great time, but it was far too short.

I had a weaving workshop in the middle of February and also had a great time! Being around all of those experienced weavers really helped me expand my knowledge. The fact that I had not finished prepping my loom prior to the workshop kind of worked to my favor, I got a lot of tips and tricks that I never would have known.