Sunday, March 28, 2010
Moving slow or slowly moving?
moving slow

It is another rainy day at Chez Shell. I actually love the rain this time of year as it helps keep the pollen down for a day or two, but it is hard to get a good picture to post. Plus there is the overwhelming desire to nap....but there is laundry and dishes to avoid, so here comes the post!

My heart broke at lunch last week when I found my Damsel Monique spindle had cracked at the top. I am hoping it is fixable with some wood glue, but the hook pulls straight out at this point. The Mjolinar has gone to stay at work for a bit, so no pics to share.

On the stitching front, I have finally finished the rowandean piece.

Cat by the Hydrangea Bush - complete 3-26-10

Cat by the Hydrangea Bush
Rowandean Embriodery
Completed 3/27/10

The next portable project is a filet lace class piece from my EGA chapter.

Filet Lace

Filet Lace Flower
Progress as of 3/28/10

Not the ideal portable project with all of this white, but it was screaming from its box to be worked on. In the class, we cut out interior threads and started wrapping the threads to reinforce the grid that the design will be placed on.

The next primary embroidery project will be this.

ribbon embroidery project

Silk Ribbon Pond

Just a picture for now. This is a group correspondence project in my EGA chapter. Last week we put the ground fabric on the stretcher bars and the next step is to trace the design and transfer it to the fabric.

The yarn shop sale has got my fingers wanting to knit again, so we shall see what the week brings!

Monday, March 22, 2010
Drive by blogging
Even though I technically had a three day weekend, Monday came far too soon! I am ready to head to bed, but wanted to post some progress pics.

I am starting a new embroidery project shortly, so I am really hoping to finish up this needlework project. I love this cute little pattern. Some parts of it are car-friendly, so made a fair amount of progress on this piece riding in the car to the vet on Friday.

Cat by the Hydrangea Bush - Progress 3-19-10

Cat by the Hydrangea Bush
Rowandean Embriodery
Progress as of 3/19/10

I remember seeing projects from Rowandean in a stitching magazine years ago. Imagine my shock to walk into a local needlework shop and find several of these kits while on vacation. Straight stitch, detached chain, bullion knot, satin stitch, and my archnemesis, the french knot. I've used them all in this project and have lived to tell the tale.

On the spinning front, a small progress view of the Mjolinar. Louet Merino Silk. A bit darker than it shows, but it is very very lovely.

Merino Silk on Greensleeves Mjolinor

And to close out this post, random cat picture. This is what happens if you get distracted while cleaning out your purse.


The monster cat is doing well, the tumor has decreased in size again and the infection has cleaned up.. So hopefully we will maintain the course.

That's all for tonight! Night!

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Sunday, March 21, 2010
I have quite a few projects sitting around. And truly limited time to knit. Yesterday, I came to the humble conclusion that one would never make it to completion.


So a friend helped me take it apart.

beyond tinking

At some point, something got spilled or it felted or melted or something on it. So there is still a big chunk that will get pitched. Or I will throw it into the washing machine and see what happens.


Still a lot of lovely yarn....Cherry Tree Hill Ariel, Cherry Tree Hill Alpine Baby, Brown Sheep Top of the Lamb, and some other unknown yarn that appears to be a Cherry Tree Hill something.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010
rain, rain go away......
It is a gloomy day in the South today. Rainy most of the day, now just gray and damp. I just want to sleep and catch up on my NCIS watching! My wheel is calling me, but I am still able to ignore it for now. My stitching is my obsession for the moment, so here are some progress pics.

M - progress 3-15-10
M - Madeline
Letters from Nora/Mirabillia
Progress as of 3/15/10

Cat by the Hydrangea Bush - Progress 3-16-10
Cat by the Hydrangea Bush
Rowandean Embriodery
Progress as of 3/16/10

I watched Judith Mackenzie McCuin's Wheel Mechanics while I was down with a stomach bug. It was great!!! It and some other recent happenings got me inspired to do a little bit of shopping on etsy. Gale's Art is an indie dyer in Georgia - I got some merino silk and alpaca silk. She was running a special that included some silk hankie butterflies that are just beautiful!!!

Merino Silk Tsnumi from GaleAlpaca Silk Proud Peacock from Gale's Art
Silk Butterflies from Gale

In noncrafty news there has been lots of wildlife sightings...."water turkey," turtles of all shapes and sizes, and of course the geese. No sign of baby geese at this point.

Water TurkeyGoosewatch Continues

There's just something about watching a cat sleep.


Her brother will be heading back to the doc at the end of the week for another checkup. It is really hard to tell how he is doing, he hides it pretty well. But he is still eating and demanding attention, so I really can't complain.

Hopefully another update this weekend!!

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Thursday, March 04, 2010
Little progress but lots to watch anyway!

One more day in the work week! It has been a busy week and I am really looking forward to the weekend. Not a ton of fiber craft news to report, but there is some.

Last week, Interweave had a coupon so I went a little CD/DVD crazy!!! Two years of Interweave on CD, one year of Spin-off, Judith Mackenzie McCuin's Wheel Mechanics, and Jacey Boggs' Spin Control just arrived.

CD/DVD stashing

I have been wanting to take classes from Judith and Jacey for quite a while. While these videos are not the same, hopefully it will substitute for the near term since my traveling ability is uncertain at this time.

My hands are still bothering me, but it doesn't seem to impact my stitching these days thank goodness! Here is my latest progress on my "M" fairy from Mirabilia. I'm really enjoying watching the design come together.

M - progress 3-2-10

My baby Mjolinor is getting a light workout as well. Spindle spinning lightly bothers my hands, so I am having to take it easy. I miss my knitting, but I know that I will be back to it soon.

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