Tuesday, January 18, 2011

At work, I happened to look down at my stack 'o bags and thought I'd do a project check.....Guess how many projects I had in my office?

Anyone? Anyone?
Apparently I am trying to save myself from ever being without something to do. Not that I actually have an opportunity to work on these at lunch lately. 

But for the record, the correct answer is four.



From top right, scribble lace (now frogged), fetching in Rowan Cashsoft, Spindle of merino/silk, and yet another test pot holder (now complete!). All have come home, but I still find myself toting a project or two back and forth from the house to the office. Ever hopeful I guess.

I have a few other house projects clamoring for attention (like a collapsed shelf that had most of my clothes on it!), but soon, very soon, I need to get back into the studio and sort through current WIPs, wanna-be projects, and just general stash. Until then, I am just thinking about all the things that I want to do!

Saturday, January 01, 2011
Goodbye 2010
I know, it is already 2011, but I spent my day helping my friends at the LYS packing (and inventorying) the shop in order to move over the next few days. The new shop is going to be great! But now, I am so tired, I can barely move, much less think straight. So I am going to make this short. 

Christmas eve found me much like last year, whipping up cat toys at the last minute. The princess loved hers.


Christmas morning found me the recipient of this from my grandmother:


Pretty ain't it? She informed me that she loved this type of potholder, but all of them are now dead and she would greatly appreciate it if I would knit her a few for her birthday in March. 

Except it is actually crochet. 

Which I really don't do. 

So thanks to Ravelry I found a free pattern and armed with my "Chicks with Sticks" learn to crochet book, a fancy addi hook and some sugar 'n cream, off I go.


Only one problem.

Oops. A 4" potholder can't be a good thing. So now to do some experimenting.



2010 recap and 2011 intentions and goals to follow!

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