Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Other people's studios
Just a random posting of food for thought as I gradually work up to a studio.....

Fiberarts Magazine's Tour of Studios

Another weaver's studio

Sheep In the City's studio

Sheep In the City's mom's studio

No more yarn or roving until after my birthday. Three exceptions....my spunky eclectic fiber of the month, the lunatic fringe circle of yarn shipment, and any vacation yarn.

Sunday, May 25, 2008
Sunday Morning
The clutch and flower are done. Now to do the felting, but its hard to disturb the beasties.


So I'm entertaining myself by reading the "I knew I was a knitting addict when....." thread on the knitty boards!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008
All better!
A few more inches to go, but apparently quite tasty!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yep, that's the top part of the cable to my denise needle
sticking out of the stitches for my clutch. I'm off to
find a spare cable.

Monday, May 19, 2008
Busy Bee!
Hmmm two posts in a day, scary! But with me, its either feast or famine when it comes to the blog. Actually, that's a lot of my world. I have a tendency to overschedule myself. Admitting it is the first step, right?

Since my natural tendancy is to retreat, it is actually a good thing in that I am forced to interact with people. And I still throw the schedule out the window every so often to do something else or just retreat when I need to. But this overscheduling is also bad, in that it lets me avoid things I don't want to do (like reorganize my house!). I need to revisit my goals this week so I can work towards having some balance between the stuff I want to do and the stuff I need to do!

I can't believe it has been almost three months on my new job. It continues to be busy, but I am hoping to get a large part of my current assignment load off my desk in the next few days so I can take some time off for some R&R and family visits. I was also recently introduced to this jewelry and really like it. So, even though sales are not my thing, I decided to be an advisor. We shall see how that goes!

On the fiber front, I've taught several spinning classes at the LYS - three on spinning with a drop spindle and one with the wheel. Its been a lot of fun and I'm finally starting to feel a little more comfortable with teaching. Hopefully the participants learned a lot and stick with spinning! No more upcoming classes, but hopefully soon!!!!

I'm still brainstorming on the fiber guild ideas. With the embroiderers' guild, weavers' guild, tapestry weaving group, and various kntalongs I have been participating in, trying to start up a fiber guild is a little crazy. But I tend to think about it similar to the tapestry group....having a dedicated time to focus on fibery pursuits might help me to focus on that.

OK, random ramble over. Progress report at the end of the week!

I am weak!!!
Two friends have been bad influences on me! Really bad pictures follow.

One friend was on a beret kick...so I thought I'd see what the attraction was. I found a couple of skeins of Trendsetters Tonalita and cast on for the Boho beret.


I love this little hat! I added a brim and made it large enough that it can hold all of my hair and cover my ears.

Another friend has been modeling this cute little headband featured in Knit1 magazine. Which I have been admiring, but because it is in crochet, have been trying to avoid it. So Saturday night found me with a crochet book and some panda cotton.


And by Monday night, I had this:


A new yarn at the yarn shop is Ozark handspun. I wasn't that much of a fan of this crazy yarn for myself, but there was this purple/blue/pink yarn with sparkles hanging by the door. Then DeeDee (my chief enabler) found a little clutch pattern on the ozark website.


I would say that's the last of the latest projects I've started under the influence, but the LYS just got in some more of the Blue Heron metallic yarn and I have got to do at least one clapotis out of it I think!