Monday, August 30, 2010
Progress update
So! Another week has flown by. "The Princess" has put me through the proverbial wringer this week by choosing not to eat much of anything and still vocalizing every other second. I had a blinding flash of the obvious and broke out the higher calorie food I got for her brother and she ate a good portion of that, so I hope that things are making a turn for the better.

House projects continue to move slowly along, but I love, love, love the porch!!! Even with the ridiculously high temps and humidity, it has been nice to sit under the fan in the evenings and early mornings.

On the crafting front, current projects in progress....projects for me....projects for class....projects all around. Top to bottom, scribble lace, "when cowls fly", m fairy, and merino silk on my greensleeves spindle.

Scribble 8-29-10

Cowl 8-29-10

m progress 8-29-10

Merino Silk on Greensleeves Connie's Mjolinar

And because I love this stuff, a closer look

Merino Silk on Greensleeves Connie's Mjolinar

Not a ton of progress, but progress nonetheless. I have a vacation coming up and hopefully that will allow me to make some headway on some of my UFOs. But in the meantime, I have to make some serious progress on the house!

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Monday, August 23, 2010
It has been a crazy month adjusting to a one-cat household.


I think the princess (the name fits, believe me) loves being an only cat, though I worry that she is going to be lonely with my hours. In the meantime, she has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I am hoping that the medication will bring it under control soon, as well as her "extra-talkativeness" - as it is to new levels!

But wait! This is a crafting blog! Of which, there has not been much.

Here is my "M" fairy, I committed to finishing this as part of my EGA Chapter UnFinished Object Challenge - supposed to be completed by our meeting on September 11. But I suspect I will be coughing up the $5 I pledged if I didn't finish it.
m progress 8-15-10

On other craft-fronts, been working on potential classes. Sadly, not much to show. But I hope to have some soon!

Oh! And here's my porch! I finally got the porch screened in and found some wicker furniture that actually fit. THAT was a bit of a scavanger hunt. And I think the hunt for cushions and an outdoor rug have come in for a landing. Though I think I need another small cushion or two.


Now if it will just get cooler!!! I have a bunch of work and appts this week, but am hoping to be off at the end of the week (nothing fun, just house repair appts). So maybe more progress soon!!

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