Thursday, January 29, 2009
Progress Shots
Iris Window Garden by Calico Crossroads

Iris Window Garden - 1/28/09

Morning Glory Wrap by Anne Hanson/KnitSpot

Morning Glories Wrap - 1/28/09

Phiaro Scarf

Phiaro Scarf - 1/28/09

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009
On 2009
So, I'm really feeling like I didn't work very hard on my plans for 2009. Here's take two:

Spin lots!
- Spin at least one day a month.
- Process all of the raw fiber I currently have.

Stitch lots!
- Start the first panel of my Nativity cross stitch project.
- Complete my Iris Window Garden cross stitch project.
- Participate (and complete?) the EGA Group Correspondence Project.
- Re-prioritize stitching plans and reduce the stash.

- Warp the loop several times this year and weave it off!
- Participate in weavers' guild dishtowel exchange.

Knit, Knit, Knit!
- Knit lace (maybe finish a project?).
- Knit with my handspun.
- Re-prioritize knitting plans and reduce the stash.

Enjoy Life.
- Eat better.
- Spend more time with friends.
- Lose my blackberry some.
- Incorporate exercise into my life.
- Network!
- Be willing to change plans (like this list).

And it wouldn't be me, without some "House Redo" plans.
- Reorganize the house.
- Pare down and simplify.
- Decorate side porch.
- Finish the uncompleted landscaping projects.

Not so sure I will accomplish all of this given my job and all, but I'm ok with deviating from the path once I have set it!

Monday, January 26, 2009
Fiber weekend!
This weekend was a great time. Lots of fiber was fondled, spun, picked, cleaned, and prepped!

Friday evening, my latest fiber club installment was sitting on my doorstep.


Organic merino in the Twilight colorway.

The next morning was spinning guild. I really like having a dedicated morning each month to spin. Currently on my Joy is one of the fibers of the month from Spunky Eclectic


By the afternoon, I was picking through some alpaca with a certain knitter, going from this:


to this:


Don't you just want to dive into that? A pup decided to check out our trash pile.



After several hours, I took my fiber home and filled the washer with several bags. Then I got to combing and making roving with my fancy diz (aka a peanut can lid)!

IMG_0457 IMG_0456


I still have a lot more alpaca to prep, but I am hoping to spin enough of it finely enough to do a shawl of some kind.


Sunday, January 25, 2009
Where does the time go??
It's almost the end of January? What's up with that???

January has been both busy and quiet. Busy with work, finishing a baby shower gift, and sidelined with injury when I popped a rib and I had to sit very very still for a while (though not so still that I didn't manage to "pop" it again!).

Back in 2007, my LYS was very obsessed with the Baby Surprise Jacket. Not having a baby and not expecting one in the near future (for myself or friends), I stayed away from it for a while. But eventually I caved and took a class at the LYS.

It was a fun little project so I stored it away for the next baby in my world. Enter my coworker for the last year who is a really lovely woman and is due this March. So I made a little color-coordinating hat and booties to go with it.


For a gift nearly complete, due to work and injury, there was a lot of eleventh hour work on this by not only me, but by the LYS owner, for repair, washing, and blocking. I have the sweetest friends!

This weekend was a lot of fiber prep, more on that later. But for now, here's a quick shot from the weekend:


Friday, January 02, 2009
Listmaking: Craftiness in 2009
Aside from the whole "live more healthfully, declutter the house, save money" stuff that's just a given for me, here's my crafty list for 2009!

Spin more.
Process all of the raw fiber I currently have.
Start the first panel of my Nativity cross stitch project.
Complete my Iris Window Garden cross stitch project.
Sort through/pare down the stash.
Participate in Weavers' Guild dishtowel exchange.
Participate in the EGA Group Correspondence Project.
Knit lace.

Listmaking: 2008 Recap
2008 was an interesting year of sorts. I had a lot of plans for 2008, I set these goals for the year, then attempted to do some corrections by resetting it in July. Then I reset the list again in September! There were a lot of reasons for why I was not able to accomplish things I wanted to, both in and out of my control, but much to my surprise I still did quite a lot in 2008!

Joined (and then quit) a gym.
Took a weaving workshop.
Changed jobs.
Got some necessary home maintenance done.
Made a plan for some additional home maintenance.
Renewed my professional certification.
Started teaching classes at the LYS.
Sold jewelry.
Learned to crochet.
Learned about new wildlife in my backyard.
Finished 9 knitting projects.
Partnered with my mom to make a wonderful Thanksgiving tablecloth.
Hosted a terrific Thanksgiving meal.

All in all, it was a pretty active year. Much more active than I realized. But I'm still glad it is now 2009!