Sunday, October 18, 2009
Sunday check in!

This week just flew by. I can't believe it is already Sunday night again!

Not a lot of progress on the knitting or stitching fronts. My hands were hurting much of the week and I just didn't feel great. Work also proved to be a distraction. Nothing bad, just busy.

Going back to my UFO-knitting projects, I finally accepted the inevitable.


Notice anything different between these two socks? Yes, that would be my gauge from 3 years ago (I think!) and my gauge now. Last weekend I was teased about my lace sock, so I did the responsible thing and threw it in the corner. This weekend my LYS owner turned it into this:

second first sock take 2

So I'm starting over, using a smaller needle. We shall see how it progresses. In other weekend news, someone decided that since the "couch protector" is red, the red Hemlock Ring should be hers as well. In an unguarded moment, she made her move....

cat loves hemlock

She has backed off for now, but I'm sure more moves are planned!

Saturday, October 10, 2009
One UFO down!

I admit it, I am awful about finishing projects.

Starting them is no problem whatsoever - there's just something about the thrill of finding the perfect project, buying/finding the perfect yarn, pulling together all the appropriate accessories, and casting on!

So, I decided to participate in a couple of UFO challenges this year to encourage me to finish a couple of cross stitch and knitting projects. I'm still slacking on the stitching, but the first knitting project is done - a Hemlock Ring throw made in Misti Alpaca chunky. It wasn't a long project, but definitely had lingering potential.

Since it is a throw, not a fine lace shawl, we just did a light blocking to let the pattern shine:


For my next knitting UFO, I picked up my first sock project, but have been really ignoring it this week. What can I say, k2p2 ribbing just does not thrill me. So I need to dive back into the UFO box and see what else I have. The likely contestants will be:


1. first socks 2. seascape shawl
3. morning glory stole 4. glynnis socks
5. lace leaf shawl 6. swallowtail shawl

Decisions, decisions!


Sunday, October 04, 2009
Long time no blog!!
Yeah, its me again. The incredibly slacking blogger! August and September were filled with vacation and house projects. Here's a quick mosaic of some of the pictures I actually remembered to take!

Been busy

From left to right, top to bottom: completed seafoam scarf, the beach, knitting at the beach, Hemlock Ring #1, first completed tapestry using handspun, my newly mulched back bed, Hemlock Ring #2, yet another murderous beaver attack, daylillies being transplanted.

As you can see, house projects continue to progress, albeit extremely slowly! I did get the back bed finally filled with mulch, after the beaver came back and finally killed the tree he came after 15 months before! It has opened up that bed greatly, and my dad planted some crepe myrtles around the stump. Hopefully the rodent won't be back too quickly, these plants are far too low for me to get an adequate fence around. The culvert repair that was on this list has been completed. As has restaining the front door and repairing wood rot around the back door.

I think I have finally finished moving mulch around the house, so have collapsed on the couch to blog. Instead of preparing for the briefing I have in the morning. Guess that will be tonight's problem. In the meanwhile, I need pain killers. Hemlock #2 needs blocking so a trip to the LYS is in order for some afterhours cat-free blocking time.

More plans and schemes on the way!!!

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