Monday, January 29, 2007
Riddle me this
How can I be thinking about getting a loom when I already feel owned by too much stuff???

Thursday, January 25, 2007
Closer to the weekend!
I really wish I could find my card reader...I could show you the wonderful yarn I bought this week. Or my new phone indulgence (a blackberry). Let's just say I'm acting like I don't have to pay for my car's back window. Or I'm not going for spinning stash on Saturday.

But I am still thrilled with my purchases ;)

Handmaiden sent some lovely yarns to the yarnshop this week. And a skein of sea silk and a skein of rumple made its way home with me. I have their friends waiting for me at the yarn shop. I have this sudden urge to make a clapotis out of the rumple. It makes no sense to me, the boucle is going to be a b#$%^h to drop. But I think it will wear better than the sea silk.

I finished another baby hat in cashmere this week. So I need to pick another portable project (especially for my trip to the fiber festival as there won't be much room in the car. One item that I am actively working on is a "renegade shawl", using lots of yarns from Cherry Tree Hill and others. Lots of textures, all in the shades of pink/fuschia. Definately not portable thought.

Time to do some stash diving!!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007
Quiet morning
My morning has been delayed due to cat cuddling. Not that I object.

I finished the handmaiden rumple shawl and one fun fur hat this week. Once I finally start moving, today will be a mix of fun (going to the yarn shop), upkeep (hair appt and house cleaning), and work.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007
More plans and random thoughts
With the new year, everyone wants to do something new, and I'm no exception - I think I have pretty well established my "joiner" personality. But I am trying to dial back now while going through the commitments that I have already made.

One thing that I have had an on-again, off-again "relationship" with is called "Getting things done" or GTD. You can read about it and its creator here. Its a very common sense approach, essentially you get all of your projects and commitments down on paper. Because my work projects have always been short term "special projects" I haven't really had an opportunity to implement this (and was just too lazy to just do it for my personal projects). But now I have several open projects so I'm going to try it out!

Speaking of projects, another "knitalong" that I have been thinking about is the UFO Resolution Challenge. I've been thinking about it since it is in line with my plan (#6). Then I listened to Pixie's Podcast on the way home today and she was talking about too. So this is still in the wings.

My new temptation is the Central Park Hoodie Knit-a-long. Again, it follows along with my plan (#7!), but I'm starting to feel a little over committed right now. So I'll think about this one a little longer. It works up so cute!!!

Well, more sites to read and knitting to do!

Monday, January 15, 2007
Monday recap
Holiday weekends are interesting....I had such plans but only managed to accomplish a little bit. But I made some knitting progress so it isn't all bad.

Regarding the car, insurance is an interesting thing..personally, I nearly didn't pass the risk management and insurance class that I took in college so I have accepted the fact that insurance logic is far different than my logic. But, you would think that an insurance company might want to take the opportunity to impress a non-customer with their service - especially those of us that haven't had a need to test said insurance, and might be secretly thinking, "what has my insurance company doing for me lately". In the chance that said non-customer might consider changing insurance companies. But that is not the case here. My insurance company may just be my insurance company for life. They called me this morning and have been really pleasant. The other company, hasn't returned my calls. Can I just say, I don't have time for this #$&%. I'm hopeful that this will change now that the holiday has passed.

So, I got the estimate at the body shop....and I needed some serious yarn therapy. So I hung out there for a couple of hours and have almost finished my silk shawl. If you ever have the opportunity, you must try the Handmaiden Rumple. Its a little strange looking, but it is so soft and the colors are so yummy. I'll definatly post a pic of the shawl when I finish it. Then its back to the fun fur hat.

Another event in blogland that is catching my eye is Project Spectrum 2.0. I signed up for the first one last year but ended up not participating. I just knit too darn slow, but I loved the idea anyway. This year's has three colors for each month, so I may be more likely to be doing a project with one of those colors!

so much to do, so little time. Speaking of which, I've got lots to do before I sleep tonight!

Sunday, January 14, 2007
Arggh, I have (again) lost the stupid card reader, so yet another photoless post! I am so glad that it is a holiday weekend, but it has been a little crazy.

A friend and I gave a presentation at the guild meeting yesterday, and it was well received. Happiness was cut short when I realized that someone hit my car while I was packing up!!! It wasn't bed, but it wasn't good. So I was more than a little upset and insisted on at least a "driver exchange" thing with the cops, I've just heard so many stories about people promising to make it right and then renigging. And I'm already having worries about the $$$ I have to cough up to replace the back panel on my top. Now that I've washed my car and my dad and I tried to buff off the scratches, it isn't nearly as bad as it looked before (in fact you have to look for it to see it!). So now I feel like I overreacted with the guy, though I'm still worried that my bumper is not a-ok. I am taking the car to a friend of my dad's tomorrow to see if the bumper is ok and whether or not he can pop the small dent out that's on the rear panel. Hopefully, this will be an easy fix and I can let this guy off the hook.

As for my Plans for 2007, progress is slow but steady. I hope to update the sidebar this weekend, but for now:

1. Reorganize the house. The studio is in progress. Next up is the kitchen.
2. Simplify. Is with #1.
3. Start some of the improvements I have been talking about for forever. Writing up the list now.
4. Complete some of the needlework projects that I have in my stash. Want to finish the studio first.
5. Learn new needlework techniques. I'm taking a group correspondence course in crewel with my guild that will start next month.
6. Complete the knitting projects that I have in progress. What was I thinking here? ;)
7. Expand my knitting techniques. Complete a garmet, lace shawl, or something with cables.
8. Keep spinning. On hold until the studio is ready.
9. Knit from my handspun. ditto
10. Look for ways to feed my creativity I have been stepping out of the box some to do some wild shawls. Not me at all, but the colors and textures have just been so much fun!
11. Laugh more. I really love the saturday knitting group, I will be joining them today too!
12. Travel. Well, I'm going to a "spin in" out of town in 2 weeks.
13. Be more healthy. I did join Weight Watchers and the 100 miles by April 1st challenge. I'm behind in the challenge, but have lost 2 pounds so far!
14. Blog more. 2 posts in 14 days isn't exactly a stellar posting spree, but its a start.

I realized that I missed one item on my list of things for 2007, so I've added a 15:

15. Knit for others, especially for charity. One of the knitting groups in town is looking at doing a day of knitting for charity, so I'm thinking about doing that. But for now, I've joined the knit fun fur hats for kids here. I am not a big fan of fun fur, but I have to admit, it is hard not to smile when you think about a kid wearing these crazy hats. Quite helpfully, Joann's is having a 10 for $10 sale on fun fur so I stocked up yesterday.

I also considered taking on the Knit from your stash challenge but accepted the reality that ordering myself to not buy yarn will only result in me buying even more yarn!

Time for me to get moving!

Monday, January 01, 2007
Goodbye 2006, Hello 2007
Christmas was just crazy. I had a lot of work deadlines that flowed into Christmas preparations that flowed into cooking for Christmas. A last minute decision to dump the planned knitted gifts was made. But the deadlines were met, time with spent with family and friends, and a great Christmas was had by all. I am still lacking goodies for the knitting bunch, but I hope to remedy that next weekend.

I had most of last week off, which was good because my body pretty much decided I was done for the week. Not much was accomplished aside from sleep, which was mostly ok.

Like many others, I took some time this weekend to reflect on what I had accomplished in 2006 and what I hoped to do in 2007. Highlights of 2006 include:
  1. Restarting my love of needlework.
  2. Becoming a charter member of an embroiderers guild and joining the board to help it grow.
  3. Completing a number of small knitted projects.
  4. Getting better at spinning with a drop spindle.
  5. Buying a wheel and learning to use it.

2007 begins with a healthy stash of roving and yarn and a number of projects that are "in progress". This is the "high level" list of things I want to do next year:

  1. Reorganize the house.
  2. Simplify.
  3. Start some of the improvements I have been talking about for forever.
  4. Complete some of the needlework projects that I have in my stash.
  5. Learn new needlework techniques.
  6. Complete the knitting projects that I have in progress.
  7. Expand my knitting techniques. Complete a garmet, lace shawl, or something with cables.
  8. Keep spinning.
  9. Knit from my handspun.
  10. Look for ways to feed my creativity
  11. Laugh more.
  12. Travel.
  13. Be more healthy.
  14. Blog more.

To sum up, the themes for 2007 are to simplify my life and grow my creativity. There are more details behind this list, but it is more detail than anyone would want to read!