Thursday, October 26, 2006
Missing my blog
Well, I was doing pretty good there, but lately I seem to be pretty bad at posting! I guess I was more distracted than I realized by family issues and work deadlines. Nothing bad, just time (and energy) consuming. I've made some progress on my latest punchneedle project, my sea silk candleflame shawl, and my so called scarf.

My card reader is still MIA. Hopefully it will surface over the weekend!

Friday, October 13, 2006
A crafty week followed by a crafty weekend!
The card reader is, um, resting right now. So again no pics.

My LaBoehme shawl is complete. In time for a friend to borrow it and my city shawl. One of them went to a "prom" last night, but I haven't gotten the report yet!

I have cast on the Knitpicks candleflame shawl in seasilk. I have been trying to find a shawl/yarn combo to make for my mom, so this is my experiment. The sea silk is more my color than mom's, so I may be committing myself to a second one!

My so called scarf is on the second ball. I'm hoping to finish it next week. The texture of this scarf is just wonderful.

On the spinning front, I have been playing with making my own spindles! I made a few wooden wheel spindles and am now experimenting with clay!

EGA in the morning and then I am off to the LYS for some spinning and knitting!

Thursday, October 05, 2006
See Shell Run
This week has been busy with work, knit night at the bookstore, and visiting the LYS as they plan to move. But, in between it all, there has been lots of knitting. And some spinning too! There's even been a finish! And a swatch has been started.

Just no pics yet. I will try to get home early enough to take pictures tonight.

In non-knitting news, I signed up for the HeartWalk. I really stink at asking for donations but its such a good cause. I won't be able to raise much money this year (since I just signed up yesterday and it is on Saturday!), but I will be well prepared for next year!