Tuesday, April 21, 2009
While the Shell's away......
Hi! Momz 2 busy werkin right now.
So we are left alone a lot.

Send tuna.
Albacore in water.

Lots of tuna.
Preferably in those handy dandy self-serve packets.

Monday, April 06, 2009
A few months back, I heard about the Knit Kit. I picked one up the other day, I love it!!!!


It was a bit pricier than I had hoped, but when you think about the price of all of the components, I would likely have spent about the same amount. It has:

Locking row counter
Crochet hook
Thread cutter
Folding scissors
Tape Measure
Point protectors
8 Stitch markers

It has been very easy to work with this weekend. And while I am admittedly rough on things, I think this will hold up. Time will tell!


Sunday, April 05, 2009
I love weekends!
This weekend was unusual....I didn't have anything scheduled!!! And it was a beautiful day, so I spent some time at the LYS and then on the deck. One of my great black hunters decided to join me. She was entertained watching and listening to the sounds made by the lizards, song birds, and squirrels.


I also completed the ribbon embroidery project I am assisting with at EGA next week. It was a pretty quick project, even though I have never done ribbon embroidery before!

Lavender Roses Ribbon Embroidery


Goosewatch 2009 - Mission Accomplished
So last Sunday, I noticed some movement around the nest, but the light was bad. This week, I was able to catch some pictures of the new goose family on the lake before the bad rainstorms. There were FIVE baby geese!


They were across the "inlet" between my neighbors and my yards. I tried to not disturb them but nonetheless, Papa Goose was doing a very good job blocking my view.


I'm glad I was able to get these shots, they did not go back to the nest after Monday. And we have had torrential rainstorms so they could be hanging out most anywhere on the lake at this point. Hopefully they will swim by at some point.


Saturday, April 04, 2009
Adopting sheep
My sheep came home from the shop during the holidays and I gifted one to a woman I know who ooohed and aahhed over the sheep and was determined to hire me to make one for her. She was so tickled that my pink sheep was to be hers, but then she decided the pink sheep needed a face. I finally got around to embroidering on a face and took some pics of the "Sisters" before pinkie went off to her new home.

sheep with faces

pink sheep now with a face

It was hard to part with her. In other "pink" news, the toe color for the month!


Its such a cheery pink!! Note the goose on her nest in the background.....she's now off the nest and eggs have hatched! More later!


Friday, April 03, 2009
It has been a crazy couple of weeks. Lots of work, lot of crafty time.

Work has been really busy. But I did get an opportunity to move to a new office that has a window. It has a great view! It was a good opportunity to start clearing out my predecessor's files, and my mom and dad were kind enough to help me hang pictures again. The office isn't much, the furniture is pretty old. But it is functional and did I mention a window?? Sorry for my enthusiasm. I have had offices with windows and offices without windows. Due to my tendency to work long hours, I feel that I perform better with natural light. Otherwise my internal clock tends to get pretty confused.

Have taught several classes at the LYS and even finished a project!

Scribble Lace Scarf #3

Another scribble lace shawl. I don't know why I have liked doing these so much. But they have been enjoyable and a fairly fast knit. I've started one more and I think this will be the last, it uses a merino laceweight and ribbon.

Scribble Lace #4 Progress 3-29-09

My carpal has really flared up and so I am working to try and get that resolved. Or at least a game plan to help me get better. I have a bad feeling that it will involve not a lot of knitting and stitching for a while. Keep your fingers crossed!