Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Sick with a Capital ICK
I hab a cold. It's sorta a bad one, low grade fever, coughing.

The commercials that say "take this, and get on with your life" are lying plain and simple. I feel like crap, sound scary, and just want to take a nap.

Needless to say, I'm not doing turkey-day feasting at my house.

Which is disappointing.

But for the best on a number of levels.


As always when I don't blog, the month has been busy with lots of work, beaver attacks, touring a quilt show, participating in a garage sale, and continued decluttering and yard prettying. Giving all the gory details probably isn't necessary, so moving on!

Educational content! Here is what a fully grown beaver can do:

tree damage

The "twin" of this tree had already been gnawed down by the beastie and has already started growing back. Sadly, this one keeps hanging on, but I think its days are numbered.

And now for knitting - progress on my second "first" sock!!

sock progress 11-22-09

I completed the leg and did the heel flap over the weekend before the cold settled in. After that, my brain could not focus on the gusset, so I set it aside and have slept and watched more movies than is healthy.

That's all for now! Time for some chicken soup!!!

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Sunday, November 01, 2009
November already?
It is Sunday again. And its November. Wow, where did my year go???

At least knitting progress have been made! My second "first sock" is slowly approaching the heel. Very slowly! Apologies in advance on the bad pics....my camera is hiding so these are indoor evening iPhone pics.

first socks - progress 10-31-09

I'm also working on Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Pretty Thing, using a sport weight Bison Bamboo blend from Fiber Isle. After a false start, I am enjoying the pattern and adoring the softness that is this yarn.

pretty thing - progress 10-31-09

In non-knitting news, I picked up some fresh flowers when I went to the grocery store this weekend. I love getting them, but rarely do because I am hardly home this time of year so I really don't get to enjoy them. The vase was my grandmother's and I think of her every time I see it.


House projects have stalled. I need to get a move on this week, the AC man has been scheduled, but the handyman, painter, and carpet cleaner have not. The beav has made his presence known again, going after a smallish tree. Not sure if he has killed this one or not, but I did break out the "beaver repel" in the form of a strobe light tonight to see if it will protect the three crepe mrytles and the tree that leans over the waterway. No picture, but just stare into a flashlight as you turn it on and off and you get the feel for it. I hope it isn't aggravating my neighbors (as it is in full view of their house), but plenty aggravating to this unpredictable beastie!

All for now! I need to rest my tired eyes and hands for a busy work week!!!

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